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How does the delivery robot work?

Our delivery robots are autonomous vehicles that use advanced technology to navigate and deliver packages to your doorstep. After placing an order, the package is loaded into the robot's compartment and our AI-powered system maps out the most efficient route for delivery. The robot then travels to your location, where you can unlock the compartment using our app to retrieve your package. It's that simple and easy!

Is it safe?

Yes, the robot is designed with safety as a top priority. It is equipped with advanced technology that allows it to detect and avoid obstacles, and it uses smart algorithms that prioritize the safety of pedestrians. Additionally, our operations team closely monitors the robot's performance to ensure that it is running smoothly and safely.

The robot looks small, what if someone just take it?

Our delivery robots are designed with advanced security features to prevent theft and damage. Each robot is equipped with an alarm system, GPS tracking, and video surveillance. Additionally, the robots are programmed to detect any unauthorized attempts to access them, and will immediately notify our team and shut down if necessary. In the rare event that a robot is stolen, our team will work with local authorities to track and recover it. Rest assured, we take the safety and security of our robots and your packages very seriously.

What kind of packages can be delivered using the robot?

Our delivery robot can carry a wide variety of packages, including small parcels, envelopes, and even larger items like groceries. As long as the package fits within the robot's cargo compartment, it can be delivered. However, we do have restrictions on the weight and size of packages to ensure the safety of our robots and other pedestrians on the road.

Is this robot allowed to run on the road?

Currently our robots can run inside a closed environment like a township, university campus or resort. We're working with authorities in several countries to allow pilot programs in more locations.

Will the robot run 100% autonomously or there will be human involved?

Our delivery robot is designed to run autonomously, using advanced technology and algorithms to navigate the environment and deliver packages. However, we always have a human operator monitoring the robot remotely to ensure safety and step in if needed. So while the robot is designed to be autonomous, there is always a human involved in the process to provide an additional layer of safety and security.

Where is it operating now?

You can check out our robot operations in Phenikaa University and VinUni in Hanoi, Vietnam.

We want these robots at our location, who do we need to talk to?

We're looking for partners from townships, smart cities to pilot our robots, please use the form at the end of this page to contact us. Thank you.


What kind of technology is used in the robot?

Our delivery robot uses a combination of advanced technologies such as AI, computer vision, and sensors to navigate and interact with its surroundings. These technologies enable the robot to safely and efficiently deliver packages while avoiding obstacles and providing real-time updates on delivery status.

How reliable is the robot in adverse weather conditions?

The robot is designed to operate in various weather conditions, but extreme weather conditions such as heavy rain, snow, or strong winds may impact its performance. However, we are constantly working on improving the robot's performance in adverse weather conditions to ensure reliable delivery service. Additionally, our team monitors weather conditions in real-time and may temporarily pause robot operations for safety reasons during extreme weather events.

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